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Join us every week where we’ll be picking a different sitcom and judging it solely on its very first televised episode. In doing so we’ll be challenging ourselves to erase any knowledge of future episodes so we can deliver an unbiased opinion. At the end of each show we’ll tell you if this is a show we would green light or cancel. Tune in to find out which mega shows wouldn’t make the cut, what forgettable mistakes we give a pass, and who started exactly where they should be.


June 23, 2022

S1E1: California Dreams

California Dreams is a show The Los Angeles Times called "Nothing more than a Saved by the Bell clone set in an upscale beach town". In reality, the creative team behind California Dreams all came fresh from working on Saved By The Bell.

California Dreams was a show intended to be a family sitcom based on the Garrison family, who's two oldest teenage children were in a rock band with their friends. As the show continued however the family was ohased out with the main focus being on the band itself.

Despite some major cast and plot changes the show managed to last 5 seasons on NBC. Was any of the Saved By The Bell magic captured here or were the show creaters a one hit wonder? Find out as we review their pilot episode, "The First Gig".

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June 16, 2022

S1E1: Martin

In the early 90's comedian Martin Lawrence was on the rise, between hosting HBO's "Def Comedy Jam" and movie rolls in "Do The Right Thing" and "House Party". Lawrence decided to strike while the iron was hot and began shopping around a sitcom centered around him that would also feature a slew of characters he would also play in addition to the staring role. Eventually HBO ordered a pilot to be made and "Martin" would soon become a reality. The show would eventually find a home on FOX and upon its debut instantly became the flagship of Fox's Thursday night line-up.

So tune in this week and find out if it's a Sheneneh or a Sheneyay when we review Episode 1 of Martin, "Beauty and the Beast". 

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One year after a deadly virus wipes out the planet and you're the only survivor. How do you pass the time? Do you search for others? In "The Last Man on Earth" these questions are answered when the show's star and creator Will Forte (Saturday Night Live, MacGruber) finds himself alone in Tucson, AZ.

Forte developed this show after merging a film idea by the writing team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller with the series "Life After People". After much positive reception from various networks Forte ultimately decided on FOX to be the shows distributor. 

Is this show good enough to keep you entertained when there's nobody else to talk to or would you rather head outside and go bowling with cars? Find out as we review the pilot episode, "Alive In Tucson".

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June 2, 2022

S1E1: Hey Dude

This week the S1E1 boys finally step foot into the world of Nickelodeon programing by covering, "Hey Dude". Hey Dude is a comedy series featuring a group of teens who spend their summer working at the Bar None Dude Ranch. This series was the first full-length live action show to join the Nickelodeon's lineup. They also took a unique route by actually shooting on location at a ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Join the guys who will once again look back at a show they watched as kids to see if it holds up and listen as they review the 1989 episode, "Day One at the Bar None".

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May 26, 2022

S1E1: M*A*S*H

Debuting in 1972, M*A*S*H was a show that was based on a movie... that was based on a novel. Taking place during the Korean War, M*A*S*H takes a comedic approach on covering a day in the life in the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. And looking at it now you may think, who would want to watch a comedy covering an actual war? Well apparently in 1972 everyone did because M*A*S*H survived 11 seasons and over 250 episodes. This show ended up lasting considerably longer than the actual war it was depicting. When M*A*S*H aired its final episode it was estimated that it was viewed by over 125 million people! But can this smash hit of a show get the green-light from the S1E1 guys? Find out as we review their pilot episode.

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"WKRP in Cincinnati" was the product of show creator Hugh Wilson wanting to make a sitcom about his experiences working at an Atlanta radio station. This show, which originally aired on CBS features a strong ensemble cast with the likes of Howard Hesseman, Loni Anderson, & Tim Reid just to name a few. Will WKRP's top 40 Rock n' Roll free the S1E1 guy's souls? Find out as they review the 1978 episode, "Pilot: Part 1".

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In the late 80's the world was first introduced to the likes of characters such as Zack Morris, Screech Powers, Lisa Turtle, & Mr. Belding on a little show called... Good Morning Miss Bliss? Well that show only lasted one season before being canceled and retooled becoming what we would later come to know as, Saved By The Bell. In this new incarnation of the classroom based show the focus was taken off of the teaching staff and rather placed on the students. This idea clearly worked as Saved By The Bell became a phenomenon for young kids through the early 90's. So join the S1E1 guys as they answer the question, "Can you go home again?" when they review the pilot episode "Dancing to the Max".

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Kim's Convenience is a Canadian sitcom that first aired in 2016. The show, which was based on a 2011 play of the same name depicts the lives of a Korean Canadian family who run a small convenience store. By the show's 3rd season the show had gained distribution outside of just its home country and was now available internationally through Netflix where its full 5 season run is still available for streaming. This week the S1E1 guys check this show out as they review its pilot episode, "Gay Discount".

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April 28, 2022

S1E1: Step By Step

Debuting in 1991, Step By Step was very much a modern twist on the Brady Bunch. Once again we find 2 people falling in love and getting married each with 3 kids of their own. Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers were strategically cast as the parents on this show, taking two of the most attractive stars of 70's television and pairing them together. Filling out the cast were also a who's who of various child actors. This all-star cast was assembled with the expectations of a primetime hit. The creators of the show were clearly on to something with Step By Step pulling strong ratings through 7 seasons. Will this casting strategy also win over the S1E1 guys? Listen in as they review their pilot episode.

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April 21, 2022

S1E1: Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is the byproduct of a couple independent films written and directed by Mike Clattenburg. In said films we are first introduced to the acting duo of Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay, who will eventually come to be known as Ricky and Julian. The two portray two ex-convicts living their day to day lives in a trailer park which happens to be filmed documentary style. Also joining the show was Mike Smith's "Cart Boy" character which was also a product of a past Clattenburg project, now going by the name Bubbles. The show, which was was being filmed at actual Trailer Parks spent the majority of its years on the Canadian network Showcase. In 2013 the 3 main actors purchased the rights to the show from the original producers and created their own internet streaming network, "Swearnet". Soon after new episodes were in development and were distributed on Netflix. After a few years there the 3 now self produce content that they release exclusively to Swearnet. Listen in this week as the S1E1 guys review their pilot episode from 2001, titled "Take Your Little Gun and Get Out of My Trailer Park".

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